Smart Space-Saving Renovation Ideas

Having enough space is one of the most important aspects of home living. A home with adequate space is less cluttered, more comfortable, and a much better place to live in overall. However, you don’t necessarily need to live in a huge house in order to call your home a spacious one. By undertaking the right home renovations in Adelaide, you can make some changes to your home to really maximise the space that you have.

Take a look at these ideas for space-maximising renovations and see which ones speak to you or inspire you the most. That way, it will be easier for you to execute your ideas when you engage custom home builders in Adelaide to start modifying your space.

Opt for an open plan living space

An open plan living space gets rid of the traditional barrier of walls and doors that separate your home into different rooms. Knocking down walls lets you gain extra floor area, and allows you to open up small rooms into one big and spacious one. You also have the opportunity to use your space in a multifunctional manner, rather than assign each room to a particular use.

Remember that an open plan doesn’t mean that your whole house has to be one giant room. You would already be using this concept just by combining your kitchen, dining, and living rooms together, for example.

Consider collapsible furniture

One of the biggest culprits of space-hoggers in your home is your furniture. Sometimes, it just isn’t practical to cut down and minimise on your functional furniture, so what you can do is consider getting furniture that can be tucked neatly away when not in use.

Think about wall-mounted dining tables that you can easily extend out during mealtimes, or even a fold-up kitchen counter. Sliding tables with pull-out trays can be installed in the study or your bedroom. If you want to go one step further, you could even get a wall bed that folds up vertically against the wall to give you more space during the day!

Build shelves into the wall

We all need shelves. They’re inevitable when it comes to finding a place to put all your various things, and it is quite nice to display your various knick-knacks on them. However, it can be painful to have a lot of your space taken up by bulky cabinets or old-fashioned cupboards.

Built-in wall shelves are a great way to overcome this. You can have these shelves built into different walls around your living space in various styles, such as around the entrance into the living room or against a staircase. If you decorate these shelves nicely with books and other interesting objects, you could also be creating a feature wall of sorts.

Think onward… and upwards

If you live in a small space but have high ceilings, take advantage of them! One way to really save on space in this way is by fitting in a loft bed; this is an attractive option for adults without mobility issues or for children of an appropriate age. On a larger scale, and if you really have the loft space for it, you could even make an elevated study or living room – it’s an innovative and unusual way to create more living space.

Alternatively, you could make use of your vertical space in simpler ways, such as moving more bathroom and kitchen cabinets to above-head level. You could add in high-up floating shelves to hold decorative objects as well, as you won’t need to access them regularly but still get to enjoy the visual effect.

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