Finch Constructions – Home Building and Renovations

The Construction and Building Process

During your first contact with Finch Constructions, we will organise an initial consultation to meet with you and discuss your construction needs.

This allows us to obtain an understanding of your design concepts, requirements and the budget of the building works that you would like completed.

Following the initial consultation we can offer you advice on how to proceed.

We can be involved from the very beginning by helping you plan your construction. On your behalf we can obtain plans, relevant reports and council approvals to ensure that minimal difficulties are encountered during the preliminary construction processes. If these documents have already been obtained, we can provide you with a quotation or an assessment of a quote that has been acquired from another builder.

We have various reputable contractors and suppliers of high quality workmanship and products which enables us to provide helpful advice and knowledge in getting the right and affordable product for our clients.

Building Process - Finch Construcions

Finch Constructions will provide you with a positive and pleasant building experience throught the building process


From updating your bathroom to extending your kitchen


Build your home to your needs


Improve a damaged or outdated structure


Repairs & Restorations


Improve comfort & functionality