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The prospect of building a dream home can often be fraught with many emotions – among them excitement, trepidation, and that strange feeling in your chest when you’re on the precipice of a life-changing adventure.

Being empowered and informed can go a long way in helping you feel reassured throughout the building process. From your initial enquiry to handover, our transparent team endeavors to keep you well informed from the very start.

After your initial enquiry about your project via our website, one of the Finch Constructions team members will get in touch with you via phone for a detailed discussion on what you are hoping to achieve with your home renovation and/or extension. During our conversation we will ask things such as “why are you considering a renovation?”, “do you have any plans or ideas in place?”, “have you considered your budget?”

We will also discuss any questions and concerns about the process as we believe they are all just as important to us as the details of the project itself.

Getting Started



Sometimes our clients have already begun their building journey elsewhere, with anything from a few initial ideas all the way to having drawings prepared by a drafts person or architect or council approval.

We are happy to work with you if you are closer to building, and will simply pick up the process at the stage you are at to ensure you get the full Finch service from there on in.

Having said that, it is a good idea to involve your builder as soon as you can as they will often have ideas and perspective that ensures all concepts and plans a re practical and can be built efficiently and with your lifestyle in mind.

For this reason, we almost always start with a consultation with our builder to review your documentation and determine if it is a good fit for you and for Finch.

At this time, our builder will give you some initial advice about a realistic budget and time frame and may have some suggestions to improve your building experience.

If you have documentation



If your project is suitable, we will organise an on-site consultation. By working with you to understand your property needs, one of our licensed builders will visit you on-site at your home to discuss your needs and desires. During this consultation, the builder will ask various questions and will provide their expert advice and technical expertise across all aspects of your project. Our goal is to find cost effective,practical solutions that stand the test of time and deliver the best possible outcome.

As there is enormous value in this consultation,we do charge a $195 fee as we want to ensure a great fit for both you (our valued client) and Finch

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Design Concept
Design Concept
Design Concept

With the Preliminary Service Agreement underway, the design, our experienced team at Finch Constructions will now move forward in making your planning stage our focus. We will organise to return to your home with our drafts person, and as a team we will discuss in greater depth your project. We will also offer a range of rofessional advice around materials, time frames, design and construction.


After your detailed site consult, our team at Finch Constructions will begin the process of getting your project documentation underway. This is a collaborative discovery process during which we will work along side you each step of the way – ensuring that the planning and council approval stages of your renovation or extension goes smoothly with the benefit of our experience. It is a critically important stage. Time spent now in concept and drawings often saves a large amount of time and money down the track.

We will provide you with a Preliminary Service Agreement at this stage, which typically ranges from $8,000- $12,000(subject to project size) and covers all works by the builder and draftsman as well as providing a clear estimate of any external costs you may also need to pay.

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The Preliminary Service Agreement includes Site Measure Drawings, Concept Plans, Estimate Proposal (if required),Council Submissions, External Reports e.g. Engineering,Energy Reports and Construction Drawings, ready to begin building. Organising all of these through your builder often saves a considerable amount of money and ensures that the plans are done in line with council requirements and with the final construction process in mind.

It’s important to think carefully about your preference seven at this early stage, as the more definite you can be now, the more likely that you won’t exceed your budget or the project completion time with unnecessary changes later on.


In this exciting stage, your ideas come to life. Working with our team, we will first document your existing home(Measured Drawings) and then produce plans showcasing the results after renovation.

The Concept Plans include a Site Plan, Floor Plan and Elevations of your design.

We understand that this process sometimes takes a few revisions to get right! This is also the best time to change your mind as changes beyond this time can be more costly or inconvenient.

At this stage, it is often possible to prepare an Estimate Proposal for finalising finances or preparing your budget.This is not typically offered by builders but we find it is often helpful for our clients. An estimate is not a fixed price quotation or a contract, but rather our best guess at the total price to complete your project, based upon our initial inspection and the documentation so far.

Our team at Finch Constructions will prepare your drawings suitable to submit to the Council for Development Planning Consent, and assist you through the process.

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The team at Finch Constructions will provide you with everything needed, including working drawings and design documentation suitable for submitting to Council for Building Rules Consent, Development Approval and an itemised, fixed price Building Proposal.

The co-ordination of the required 3rd party reports/services will also be included in this phase, overseen by the Finch team. These are set out as estimates where possible in your Preliminary Service Agreement.

Construction Doc
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With the paperwork complete, the exciting building stage can begin. You will formerly approve the Building Construction quote and be provided with a copy of the HIA Building Contract to read thoroughly before signing. This contact is designed specifically to protect clients during building works and we welcome any questions or opportunities to provide further information at any time.



Ready to start your renovation or extension,
we will ask you to finalise your selections from suppliers.Often you will have spent many hours shopping the options and choosing can be
hard! Let us know if we can help. It is important
to be sure of your choices now to avoid creating delays down the track with too many changes
of mind.

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With the contract signed and selections made, we will begin ordering your project components,allocate you a project team and advise you of a start date. You can expect to work with us regularly at this time as we introduce you to our best trades people (if you haven’t met them during the concept phase) and keep you well informed about our construction schedule.

You can now sit back and enjoy the Finch Constructions building experience, and look forward to soon enjoying your new or reinvigorated home!

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