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Finch Frederick

When style consultant, Jan and David in IT met through mutual friends 3 years ago, they didn’t realise they were going to embark on a new life together. Today, as a mature couple finding new love, they have decided to ‘take the plunge’ and move in together. Both currently owning their own separate homes, they decided to renovate David’s home to make it their own before they moved into his home together. Reupholstering some of her furniture along with a few of his pieces; they wanted to create a space that blended both of their styles and personalities. Following a seamless design and selection process with Studio J Design and Finch Constructions, we have been able to deliver them their dream home. Both Jan and David look forward to this next chapter in their relationship.

Nestled in the picturesque suburb of Unley, this impressive residence has undergone an irresistible transformation, securing its spot as a Finalist in this years 2023 HIA Awards for best Renovation/Addition Project in its price category. Positioned on the northern side of the street with enchanting views overlooking the lush parkland of Unley Oval, the renovation of this home enhances the allure of its already chic locale, making it an even more desirable destination.

Showcasing clean lines and a rich palette, this project at #FinchFrederick displays the beauty of a dark kitchen in all its glory. From embracing dark timber hues throughout the cabinetry where beautiful woodgrains evoke a sense of texture & add visual interest; to adding a rich, earthy natural stone for the splashback and benchtop to compliment the custom joinery – this kitchen is truly one of a kind.


Continuing through the home, the clients chose to renovate their powder and main bathroom to match their statement kitchen. With ample hidden storage cleverly concealed behind the sleek mirrors and vanity, every item found its place without compromising the clean, modern design. The dark wood accents and natural stone elements echoed the tones of the rest of the house, creating a cohesive and harmonious feel throughout. These renovated bathrooms were not just about beauty, but also about practicality, offering the perfect combination of style and usability for the homeowners to enjoy every day.

“Embracing dark timber hues throughout the cabinetry where beautiful woodgrains evoke a sense of texture & add visual interest.”

David & Jan

Project Year:

Custom Built & Designed By:
Finch Constructions

Photography By:
Nick Dunn

“Tranquil, practical and one of a kind; 

this timeless renovated home is hard to flaw.”

Besides their aesthetic appeal, the natural materials in this kitchen and bathroom renovation are durable, easy to maintain and provide unique character through distinct patterns, colours and textures throughout the hand selected pieces. The American Oak stained in walnut provides a rich warm hue that is paired with the captivating display of the ‘White Ice’ granite stone top on the vanity. Tranquil, practical and one of a kind; this timeless renovated home is hard to flaw.


In addition to renovating the kitchen, main bathroom and powder room, we enhanced the couple’s master bedroom by reconfiguring the layout for better functionality. This involved relocating their previous cabinetry from one wall to another to create a discreet entryway into their new ensuite.


After a retreat to Sequoia Lodge atop Adelaide’s Mount Lofty, the couple was inspired by the lavish suite accommodations. This inspiration fueled their vision for the ensuite, aiming to fashion their personal retreat for daily rejuvenation. The master bedroom now features seamless custom-built cabinetry that cleverly conceals the entrance to their hidden oasis. With a focus on luxurious indulgence and stylish aesthetics, we incorporated elements such as a spacious walk-in shower featuring a rain shower head and an elegant niche made of Bianco Typhoon stone, enhancing the everyday spa-like experience. To complete the look, we included double sinks with ample storage, finished with a luxurious marble stone bench that exudes elegance.

The new master bedroom also boasts a balcony, overlooking the lush oval adjacent the property. Soft, plush textiles in luxe tones create a welcoming atmosphere, while the carefully curated decor pieces add a touch of sophistication. The ensuite, hidden behind the cleverly disguised cabinetry, serves as a secluded retreat within their own home, offering a haven of relaxation and tranquility for this couple.


The transformation of this once ordinary home into a luxurious haven reflects the couple’s desire for a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality. Each element throughout the renovation was carefully selected and thoughtfully placed to create a space that not only meets their practical needs but also nurtures their spirits and invites them to unwind and entertain in style.

Home Renovations Prospect

Kelly & Scott

Project Year:

Custom Built & Designed By:
Finch Constructions

Photography By:
Nick Dunn

‘If these walls could talk, what tales they could tell’….

As this years 2023 HIA Finalist for ‘Renovation/Addition Project $500k-750k’; this incredible piece of history, built in the 1900s has been transformed into something well worth taking notice of.

Every historical home has borne witness to many chapters of life. And that is certainty true for the homeowners, Rhonda and Mike on our #FinchProspect2 project. Once a rundown home built by The War Homes Commission over 100 years ago for soldiers returning from war; the gracious circa 1900 house is steeped in more than a century of family history, as the homeowners grandfather was the original purchaser of the home as a returning soldier fighting in both the First and Second World War.

Our award-winning team at Finch Constructions has been given the honour and privilege to work closely with the home-owners through the renovation process of this unique property.

Renovating an old house calls for skill and attention to detail. From re-discovering untouched fireplaces behind walls, to following the original archetype by using old bricklaying techniques to match the (much dated) existing; Our team designed this special place to not only keep the outside structure looking true to its heritage, but the inside as well.

Home Renovations Prospect

Rhonda’s family has a rich history with this home, dating back to her grandfather, the original purchaser. Raised here, just like her father, Rhonda, her husband and children now represent the third generation to call this place home. Our clients respect to this property and its heritage was always on the forefront during their renovation which included a rear extension.

Walking through the front door, the central hallway used to end at a door to the laundry with no view. The well-considered elegant addition allowed us to ‘bring the garden inside’, creating a beautiful light-filled space throughout the home. By keeping the original arch in the hallway, we carefully crafted a second one to match, elongating the hallway leading into the extension for a classic, timeless touch. Now, when you open the front door the view of the home and garden feels like a sanctuary to the outside world and ignites instant joy within.

“Every historical home has borne witness to many chapters of life. And that is certainty true for the homeowners, Rhonda and Mike”
Home Renovations Prospect
“The retired homeowners wanted their home to grow with not only the two of them; but to traditionally grow for the next generations in their family.”

This welcoming presence carries throughout the home with an updated floorplan, considered palette and spacious, custom-made extension. The retired homeowners wanted their home to grow with not only the two of them; but to traditionally grow for the next generations in their family. With that in mind, we took advantage of this renovation by turning their home into a place that is comfortable, safe, and secure for everyone. The single floor home had quite narrow doorways; so, it was a no brainer to widen these entrances to make the home accommodating for a wheelchair if ever required. We also created an additional door to the main bathroom from the couple’s master bedroom to act as an ensuite for ease of access.

Arguably one of the most exciting parts of this project was rediscovering an original fireplace in Rhonda’s childhood bedroom that she never knew was there. When Rhonda asked us to fix a shelf on her wall, we uncovered a fireplace that was hidden behind the gyprock. With beautiful architectural details and ornately carved designs, this hidden gem is now a focal point in their home.

With the clients grown children starting families of their own, we turned the original living room into a third bedroom in the home so there is plenty of space for grandchildren to spend the night. In the rear extension, we created a large open concept plan with a new living room, kitchen, dining room and hidden pantry. Comfortable and easy to live in both now and for years to come, we felt the open style floor plan would provide longevity to this home.

“If these walls could talk, what tales they could tell…”

In addition to maximising the internal layout, we also wanted to also enhance the sense of connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. A large sliding recessed window was installed into the end wall of this extension, creating a beautiful bench between the lounge and garden providing a natural connection to the outdoors. The bench now acts as a seat, a stage, a playground, and a social space for our clients extended growing family.

From thoughtful restorations to sympathetic and modern additions, it’s hard to decide what we love the most about this project.

This home in Adelaide’s suburbs was truly built to stand the test of time.

The Building Journey...

“The attention to detail from the whole team was immaculate throughout the renovation’s entirety.” - David

Client Testimonial:

“Our experience with Finch Constructions was fantastic. From day one, we were impressed with their teams communication, promptness, and reliability. On the first day of construction, their team was here at 9AM on a Friday morning, with all of their trades, all at the same time- the electrician, the plumber, the demolisher, the tiler, you name it, they all came at once and we were very impressed with that. From there onward the construction process was flawless. Tom, the project manager was fantastic to work with, there was always great communication, exceeding our expectations” – Jan


One of the things that has continuously impressed me the most about Finch Constructions is the quality of their work. The attention to detail from the whole team was immaculate throughout the renovation’s entirety. Even now, when you walk around, you can just get a sense of the quality and attention to detail that goes into their work. – David


Everybody’s reaction as soon as they walk into our newly renovated home is always “wow!”, they could all see how much work and dedication has been put into this project and they’re all blown away; it’s actually a great conversation starter and we cannot praise the team at Finch Constructions enough. Since our first day working with Finch, we have been recommending their services to many of our friends, family and neighbours.” – Jan & David

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