Most people would love to have a bigger kitchen, given how the kitchen can be one of the busiest areas of the home. Moreover, kitchens are used to store a range of small to bulky appliances as well as various cooking utensils – which can make a kitchen seem more cluttered than it really is. However, not all homes come with large kitchen spaces, so you may find yourself looking for ideas on how to make a small kitchen look bigger.

If you are currently considering kitchen renovations in Adelaide to make your small kitchen look bigger, you’re in luck because we have some fantastic ideas to help you out.

Raise it to the roof 

The easiest way to make a room look bigger – especially if you have high ceilings – is to bring attention to the ceiling and give the impression that the room is larger than it is.

You can do this in a number of ways, but the best and most efficient approach is with shelving.

You can create shelving or cabinets that sit high on your walls with open cabinets at the very top. This will add to the spaciousness and openness of your kitchen.

A hanging pot rack

An efficient, aesthetic, and convenient way to store pots, a hanging pot rack is another simple way to enlarge a small kitchen. Furthermore, it makes your kitchen look more well-arranged.

The best thing about this tip is that you can literally add a hanging rack anywhere. From the backs of doors to the undersides of shelves, just choose a spot that would make your kitchen feel neater and clutter-free.

Pendant lights 

Pendant lights are the perfect statement pieces of any kitchen, especially a small one. These elegant lights are able to illuminate a small kitchen with soft lighting and draw the eyes towards the ceiling, again giving the impression that the space is bigger than it actually is.

Furthermore, the sleek and streamlined design of a pendant light can also make your kitchen look less crowded and more polished.

Use built-in appliances

Bulky kitchen appliances have a tendency to make any space look smaller than it actually is. If you already have a modest space to work with, then built-in appliances are a good way to clear up counter space while maximising the functionality of your kitchen.

Experienced boutique builders in Adelaide can advise you on the most creative ways to build appliances into your small kitchen and maximise the space that you have.

Use colour sparingly 

There is no doubt that using light colours like white can make your room look much larger. However, what if you’re not a fan of white and want to add in some colour?

Well by all means you should! If you want to do so whilst making it seem like your kitchen is bigger than it really is, then you should still keep your colour palette small and concentrated.

Try to keep to mainly two colours, a main and a complementary. You can also just go with one colour, but play around with shades and textures to add a little bit of interest.

Become an optical illusionist with your floor

Did you know that flooring can play a big part in making a small space appear larger?

Here are some tips to remember when wanting to update your flooring to create the illusion of more space:

  • Keep the flooring in the kitchen consistent with the areas it is connected to. A seamless flow makes the space look larger.
  • Use plain coloured large tiles or planks to create the illusion of a wider space.
  • You can play with colour but keep them relatively the same tone and shade to optimise the illusion.
  • Glossy surfaces or ones with a metallic finish or light seen can help a space look bigger.

Finch Constructions can help

We hope that you find these tips useful in making your small kitchen appear larger and more spacious. For expert advice on all things to do with kitchen and bathroom renovations in Adelaide, look no further than Finch Constructions.

At Finch Constructions, we are experienced boutique builders based in Adelaide who want you to have the home of your dreams. From renovations to custom-built homes, we have the expertise to make your ideal home a reality. Contact our friendly team to find out more today!

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