“Built to stand the test of time... Every historical home has borne witness to many chapters of life.”


Adelaide's suburbs boast numerous stunning homes, with some dating back over a century.

For those fortunate enough to own a heritage-listed or styled house, you may discover that it requires repairs, restoration, or adaptation.

With a wealth of industry experience, Finch Constructions has established a renowned reputation for excellence in the restoration and preservation of historically significant residences. Our team of skilled artisans diligently works to ensure that each project is executed with meticulous care and attention to detail, bringing our clients’ restoration visions to life.

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With an access to a diverse range of resources and specalised tradespeople who contribute to our high standard of craftmanship, preserving the property’s integrity throughout the process

Recognising the significance of conserving these homes for future generations, our focus remains on reviving these exquisite residences to their former splendor, retaining their charm and character.

For those seeking restoration, repair, and maintenance services for historically significant homes, Finch Constructions is the premier choice. Our unwavering dedication to quality and precision sets us apart as Adelaide’s leading heritage home builders.

"Preserving the past to inspire the future..."

A Heritage Restoration refers to the process of preserving and renewing historic buildings, sites, monuments, or artifacts to maintain their cultural, historical, and architectural significance. It involves a combination of research, documentation, conservation, and repair work to ensure that these heritage assets are maintained for future generations

Places that have been confirmed or interim listed in any World, National, State or Local heritage lists are included in the South Australian Heritage Register.

Places deemed to be of significant historical and social value are protected via heritage listing in order to preserve our past, enrich our future and tell an important story. There are different levels of heritage listings, which provide different types of protection to the place
Yes, Finch Constructions will provide you with everything needed, including working drawings and documentation relevant for submitting to Council for Building Rules Consent & Development Approval. Being a local business, we are accustom to council regulations in our area and will guide you through the process seamlessly. Our experienced team understands the importance of obtaining the necessary council permissions for your project to proceed smoothly. We will work closely with you to ensure that all requirements are met and that the necessary paperwork is submitted in a timely manner. Rest assured, with Finch Constructions by your side, you can trust that your project will be in good hands every step of the way.
As your family grows you may find that your beautiful and historic house is not large enough to accommodate your changing lifestyle. Renovating a heritage listed property can be an extremely rewarding experience; while the classic aesthetic and character remain, the property can gain greater comfort and functionality. For those considering renovating their home, there are many different options, designs and finishes available to choose from due to the many and varied products available on today’s market. If you are considering extending your home, we recommend arranging a consultation with Finch Constructions. During the consultation we will provide you with our extensive knowledge, expertise and ideas, and we will work with you to create a conceptual plan to achieve your dream home.

Finch Constructions prides itself on restoring historically important homes back to their former glory and treating them with the upmost respect during the process. When we are lucky enough to undertake heritage repairs or restorations to beautiful, classic homes we are dedicated to improving the property while maintaining its charm and character.

We have a wide range of resources and specialised tradesmen who help us achieve a high quality of workmanship and ensure the integrity of the property remains intact.

Some of our specialised works include:

  • Restorations
  • Renovations
  • Extensions
  • Maintenance works
  • Damp issues
  • Plaster products e.g. ceiling roses, archways, skirting & architraves
  • Structural issues
  • Window repair & replacement
  • Stone & brick façade work
  • Roof restorations
  • Carpentry works
  • Fire place restorations
Since our beginnings in 2006, our fully licensed and qualified team of builders are proud to have been able to turn your very own custom built home dreams into reality. Whether you have a vision of your new future home, or in need of a builder to work off your specifications, or looking for some help and inspiration with the design, our experienced and expert team of custom builders in Adelaide can help you get there.

Please have a look at the ‘Featured Projects’ above! These case studies can provide you with valuable insights to our expertise, capabilities and the quality of our work. The uniqueness of each custom extension project mirrors each case study individually as they showcase the building process and correlating timelines, honest client testimonials, detailed descriptions of work and of course- a gallery!

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