The decision to renovate a bathroom is often easy to make. After all, who wouldn’t want a more functional, modern, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom? However, things can get complicated when it comes to understanding how much a bathroom renovation costs.

From labour costs to material selection, plenty of factors can influence the final bill. So, let’s break down the elements that contribute to the cost of a bathroom renovation in Adelaide.

Budgeting Basics

Your home will be one of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever make; Therefore, when partaking in home renovations and extensions in Adelaide, it’s worthwhile to take steps to save on costs without compromising positive outcome.

The first things you need to do is find an experienced builder in Adelaide who has the knowledge and expertise in your local area. Take your time to find a reliable team who can offer you transparency by answering all your questions upfront with ease. Once that relationship is established, trust and stick to the process that has been custom designed and implemented by these professionals – it’s tried and trusted!

One of the biggest money mistakes during any bathroom renovation is changing your mind – it’s never as easy as ‘just swapping over’. A lot of things can go wrong if you decide to go rogue and ultimately it will cost you more time and money to implement even the smallest changes.

There are also a lot of elements that will increase the value of your home and are worth investing in when you decide to renovate or remodel your bathroom in Adelaide. The builder that you chose should be knowledgeable enough to know the best home renovations in Adelaide and help you throughout the entire process for the best possible outcome. Being empowered and informed will go a long way in helping you feel reassured throughout the building process.

Before diving into specific numbers, Adelaide’s experienced. custom home builders know it’s vital to understand what you’re willing to spend. As costs for a bathroom renovation can vary widely depending on what you want to change, the materials you use, and the labour costs. Working with your preferred builder in Adelaide, they will happily help find cost effective, practical solutions that stand the test of time and deliver the best possible outcome.

Labour Costs

The price tag for labour can differ depending on your location and the complexity of the work involved. On average, the labour cost for a bathroom renovation in Adelaide can range from $50 to $100+ per hour for skilled professionals like plumbers, electricians, carpenters and project supervisors. If your renovation requires complex work or specific expertise, these hourly rates can go even higher.

Furthermore, skills required for a bathroom renovation extend beyond general labour. You may need specialists like plumbers, electricians, and tilers, who come with their own rates and, in some cases, call-out fees. If you’re moving fixtures or adding new electrical features, be prepared for these costs to escalate.

Material Costs


Tiles can range from as low as $22 per square metre for basic ceramic options to $120 or more for high-end materials like marble or specialised designs. If you’re considering underfloor heating, not all tiles are suitable, so you may have to opt for more expensive options that accommodate this feature.

Fixtures and Fittings

Expect to spend anywhere from $200 for a basic tap set to $1,000 for high-end, designer options. Showerheads, toilets, baths and sinks vary similarly in price depending on the brand and quality.

While saving money on fixtures and fittings may be tempting, these are the most frequently used items in your bathroom. Investing in quality items can save you money in the long run as they will likely last longer and require fewer repairs or replacements.


Bathroom vanities can range from $800 to $5,000, depending on your chosen material and installation complexity.

The vanity you choose doesn’t just affect the cost but also the maintenance requirements. For instance, marble looks luxurious but is more susceptible to stains, while granite is more durable but requires occasional resealing.

Additional Expenses

Approval & Design

In Adelaide, you may need to secure various council approvals before starting your renovation, with the cost depending on the project’s complexity.

The need for permits doesn’t only add to the initial cost but can also extend your timeline, which might indirectly increase your budget if you have to take extra days off work or pay for additional rental equipment.

Unforeseen Costs

Always allocate 10% to 20% of your budget for unexpected expenses. This can include the cost of addressing mould, replacing old or faulty wiring, or structural issues that might only become evident once the renovation is underway.

Case Scenarios

A small bathroom renovation (replacing fixtures, and tiles) can cost between $20,000 to $30,000.

A basic renovation can also have hidden complexities. For example, even if you’re only updating the tiles and fixtures, you may discover that the plumbing needs to be updated, pushing up the costs.

Mid-Range Renovation

If you’re looking for more than a facelift, a mid-range renovation might be for you. Incorporating higher-end materials, more substantial layout changes, and maybe even adding luxury features such as a heated towel rail can set you back between $30,000 and $60,000.

If you’re going for more significant layout changes, you might also need to factor in the cost of a designer or architect to help ensure that the new design is functional and compliant with local building codes.

High-End Renovation

For those seeking a luxurious transformation complete with top-of-the-range materials, custom-built features, and even intelligent technology integration, you could be looking at upwards of $60,000 or more.

For a luxurious bathroom, you might also consider smart systems, like automatic taps or smart mirrors with built-in lighting and heating. While these add to the wow factor, they also require specialised installation and possibly electrical work, adding to your costs.

Ensuite Bathroom RenovationTips for Managing Costs

  1. Plan Ahead: A well-thought-out budget can be your best friend. Allocate funds for different aspects like labour, materials, and unexpected costs to avoid surprises later.
  2. Chose a reliable builder: It goes without saying that the builder you select will be paramount to the level of satisfaction you feel, not just with the finished product but also throughout the entire process. From concept to completion, experienced home builders in Adelaide will be able to hold your hand throughout the entire bathroom renovation process.
  3. Prioritise: Make a list of essential features and nice-to-have additions. Stick to your must-haves first and allocate any leftover budget to extras.

Tallying The Costs Of Bathroom Renovations

Understanding the cost of a complete bathroom renovation in Adelaide involves looking at various components, including labour, materials, approvals, and unexpected expenses. Depending on your choices and needs, a renovation can cost anywhere from $20,000 for a basic upgrade to more than $50,000 for a luxury makeover.

Ultimately, how much you’ll spend on your Adelaide bathroom renovation comes down to your preferences, needs, and how well you’ve planned. With careful consideration and intelligent decision-making, you can achieve the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank.

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