There are several reasons why people would want to add value to their homes. It could be because they have plans to resell and therefore want to get a good price on the property market, or simply because they want to make their home look like the house of their dreams. Either way, adding to the property value is one reason why residents have home renovations in Adelaide.

Whether you are adding value to your home by hiring the best custom builders in Adelaide or making some minor adjustments on your own, here are some of the best ways you can increase the value of your home in the long run.

Fresh paint does wonders

Refreshing the paint on your house can truly lift both the mood and value of your home. It is also a relatively inexpensive exercise, especially if you are willing to do the work yourself. You could decide to do the whole house inside out, or just focus on a few key rooms to really liven up the overall appearance.

When choosing new paint colours, make sure to do a little bit of research to see which hues will bring about the effect that you want. For example, light colours can make a small room appear larger, while painting a larger room with a dark colour can make it feel cosier.

Change up the decor

The smallest details can end up making a significant impact on your home value too. While your home decor might not have a direct effect on the value of your property, it does influence the impression left on potential buyers who are viewing your home. After all, future buyers are more likely to purchase a house if they like the overall look of it and can easily imagine themselves living there.

Even if you are not looking to put your house on the market any time soon, you won’t regret giving your home a new decor makeover. A beautifully decorated house can make you feel calmer, more at peace, and happier to be home overall.

Rework your storage spaces

Here is one of the most practical and yet sometimes overlooked aspects of an attractive home – storage space. Storage space can make or break a home buyer’s decision because houses with limited storage space often lead to a cluttered and sometimes stressful home environment. Finding better ways to manage your storage can make other aspects of home living a lot more convenient, too – such as doing the daily cleaning or achieving a particular interior design aesthetic.

When finding new ways to update your storage space, remember that efficient storage is the key to finding sufficient space. Consider getting furniture that doubles up as a storage provider, for example a bed with a pull-out drawer or a coffee table with a lift-up lid. It’s all about making the space you have work for you.

Update your flooring

Flooring is another feature of your living space that can have a huge effect on the appearance of your house overall. Floors that are old, out of fashion, or damaged can leave a negative impact on the outlook of your home, even if it is nicely decorated with neat and modern furniture.

The first step to restoring your home flooring would be of course to give it a thorough clean, but this may not have a big enough effect if your floors are in poor condition or very dated. Depending on the material of your floors, you could consider repainting or re-polishing as an option. Alternatively, replace them with new carpet or tiles if you really want to ramp up the value.

If you would like to explore more ways that you could add value to your home, our home renovation experts at Finch Constructions can offer a variety of options tailored to your wants and needs. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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