Having spent more time at home than usual due to the events of 2020, we’ve all learned how important it is to have a comfortable living space. If one of your main goals this year is to make some improvements to your home living, now is the best time to get some resolutions into place!

Check out these practical resolutions that you can make this year when you start carrying out your home makeovers and home renovations in Adelaide.

Reimagine your storage

Effective storage is the key to having a comfortable home. Clutter and lack of storage options tend to make your home feel disorganised and aesthetically lacking. After all, it is hard to appreciate your interior design or that lovely feature wall if you are distracted by all the mess around you.

Therefore, take a look at the storage spaces in your home and see what needs to be done. Would a new cabinet or a few additional shelves solve all your current storage woes? Or what about furniture that could double up as storage solutions? As long as there is a will to find more storage space, you can usually find a way!

Tackle your paperwork

While society may have moved to digital solutions in the last decade or so, we still have to deal with paper in the form of mail, bills, receipts, or important documents in the home study. It may be easy to keep track of each bill or piece of mail as it comes in, but over time, you may need a better solution for keeping your important paperwork safe.

You can tackle this situation in two ways: firstly, by creating a holding area for all your mail and circulars, and secondly, by dedicating an accessible corner of your home to long-term paperwork storage. That way, you won’t have to worry about coupons being strewn over the countertop or losing an important document.

Get serious about recycling

Recycling is a practice that is much easier to implement when you make the room and space for it. If you are stashing your recycling bags in places that are hard to reach or even worse, blocking your way, you may find the whole process of recycling your waste a huge chore.

You can start by looking into recycling bins that are clearly labelled with separate compartments and thus easier to handle. If you are lacking in floor space, you can mount these bins on a pull-out drawer within one of your kitchen cabinets. Getting well-designed bins that look good also helps add to the aesthetics of your kitchen!

Take a second look at the kitchen

Have you ever heard the saying that the kitchen is the heart of your house? If you would like to improve or renovate any one part of your home, consider taking a look at your kitchen.

Sometimes, homeowners find that their kitchen does not match their needs anymore because they have outgrown the available space or are lacking in updated features. Should you feel this is the case with you, then think about the ways you can update your kitchen – like getting new cabinets installed or changing the countertops.

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