When you are choosing tiles for your bathroom, there are many different choices at your disposal. You can find just about any colour, material, or pattern you desire, so it can be difficult to narrow it down. The best way to decide is to consider the following tips when you are choosing your bathroom tiles.

Start by Choosing the Style of the Bathroom

The first step is to decide what design you want for the bathroom. The type of tile will be different if you choose trendy versus modern or classic. Settling on the design will help you narrow down the type of tiles you will choose. Tiling is one of the more labour-intensive materials to replace, so try to stay within your design and choose something that will endure past the current trends. Custom builders in Adelaide can help you understand your choices.

Narrow Down the Colour Palette

After you choose a design, you should choose a colour palette. You might choose a lighter colour palette in natural colours, or you can choose something darker. You can opt for a contrast between dark and light as well. If you are planning a lighter colour on the walls, you have more freedom to choose darker tiles. However, if you want darker walls, consider light coloured tiles.

Choose Your Materials

You have a lot of different materials to choose from when you are choosing your tiles for bathroom renovations in Adelaide. Some people want the beauty and luxury that come with marble, while others prefer a non-porous tile that won’t stain. You can use different materials in the shower and on the floors. Today, there are ceramic tiles that are made to look like marble, which is a great option on your shower walls. Make sure that you use a sealer if you choose natural stone to protect it from stains.

Consider the Patterns

Once you select the colour and the tiling materials necessary for complete bathroom renovations, you can consider what kind of pattern you want to use. Some tiles, such as field tiles, can be laid in different patterns, such as brick, basketweave, or herringbone. Another choice is to use a mosaic tile, which comes in a specific pattern. If you want this type of pattern, there are many different choices.

You can choose a different pattern on the walls and on the floor of the shower. Some people use a pattern on the floor and a different pattern on the walls of the shower. You can use patterns to create a look that is unique to your bathroom.

Choose One Featured Area in the Bathroom

It is important to make sure that your bathroom isn’t too busy. The best way to do this is to choose one feature area. You might choose the wall of the shower and use a glass brick tile, or you could choose a mosaic pattern on the floor of the shower. When you hire home builders in Adelaide to help you with your project, make sure that you discuss which area you want to feature in your bathroom.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance

While it is a lot of fun to design your bathroom, once you are using it, you will need to maintain the tiling and keep it clean. Some tiles require more maintenance and cleaning than others, so be sure to consider this when you are making your selection. Natural stone needs to be cleaned more frequently, and you have to seal it because it is porous. Glass tile works well on the walls, but it can be slick on the floor. Consider all of these factors when you are making your final selections.

Make an Informed Choice

Choosing the tile for your bathroom is one of the best parts of complete bathroom renovations. There are so many different colours, materials, and patterns that this is a place where your personal taste can shine. It is important to take your time and narrow down your preferences so that choosing a tile is less overwhelming.

At Finch Constructions, we are experienced renovation builders in Adelaide who have the knowledge and expertise needed to guide you in your choice. Get in touch with us to find out more today.

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