There are many things to consider before deciding whether to knock down and rebuild or renovate.

Your budget considerations and time constraints may of course be the first things to contemplate however, it can be beneficial to consider other issues to understand the bigger picture better.

These are 7 essential things to consider when deciding on whether to knock down rebuild or renovate.

1) Have You Evaluated Your Existing Home?

Whether it’s a renovation or a rebuild you go for, the only way to make the right decision is to comprehensively evaluate your home. Look into how structurally sound it is and find out about the existing state of your home and what may need to be repaired in order to make a renovation viable. Get advice on how costly this will be and how much it can eat into your renovation budget as opposed to creating a new space. Decide whether these factors – after considering your home’s access, character, features, location and services – can fit into your budget or not.

2) How Much Space?

Depending on how much extra room you want and whether you’re looking to make big structural changes to your current home, it’s worth considering whether or not a renovation is possible and whether economically a rebuild is actually the best investment for your money instead. Once you have decided on exactly how much added space you want, you can start considering the best plan of action moving forwards.

3) Have You Checked Local Planning Laws?

Local council planning laws in certain areas may prohibit houses of a certain age, or specific historical significance from being demolished or changed. You can determine the age of your home from the drainage plan included in your purchase contract or alternatively on council records. You can then check what rules and regulations are in place for demolishing your home.

4) Have You Researched Your House Price?

It’s integral to do your research and find out what type of homes sell well in your area. The home may generally be your biggest asset, so it’s important to speak with local agents about how much your house is worth now and what it could well be worth when renovated, against what a brand new home of that size can sell for. Compare these figures to help determine how to set your budget and asses your risk exposure regardless of your decision.

5) Do You Know The True Cost Between Rebuilding And Renovating?

When it comes to either a custom build from scratch or a renovation, the sad truth is that home renovations in Adelaide will always cost more. Due to the use of systems and modern materials, brand new homes can be built quickly with efficiency and optimisation, while renovation remains bespoke, time consuming and utterly unique to the individual.

6) How Will You Position Your House?

When choosing the best orientation it’s important to prioritise your heating and cooling needs. Ideal orientation in most climates is solar north but orientations of up to 20° west of north and 30° east of north are still fine in order to get north-easterly and northern sunlight into your home. If your home is facing the completely wrong direction, you may want to design for solar access or proceed to make structural modifications to your existing home.

7) What Type Of Home-Lover Are You?

You may love the history and character that comes with a home that’s had past owners. The idea of adding another chapter to a story by regenerating that home can be appealing to some who want to refresh an existing home and breathe new life into it with brand new home extensions in Adelaide. On the other hand, you may love the idea of living in a home that nobody else has. You could be more interested in the idea of a brand new place entirely, completely tailored to your specs. Depending on where you live and what stage of life you’re currently in this can change. Ultimately however, only you can decide whether you’re a custom home builder or renovator at heart.

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