A well-designed, newly-renovated bathroom can greatly improve your daily home experience, giving you a place to get ready for your mornings and nights in comfort.

But before you begin to pick out new tiles and call in your local contractors, it is essential to account for a few crucial factors before starting your bathroom renovation project – especially since bathroom renovations can be both lengthy and costly.

So, if you are planning on undertaking bathroom remodelling in Adelaide, here are a few things you need to consider before starting your bathroom remodelling journey.


It’s a good idea to know how much you’re willing to spend on the project, as it will help inform your renovation decisions, such as which aspects of your bathroom (functionality or aesthetics) you’re ready to invest the most money into.

Once you’ve deducted labour costs and necessary spending, you can determine if there’s anything left in your budget that you can focus on extras. While it is normal to go slightly over budget, set an upper spending limit so that your renovation costs are still reasonable.


Are you looking to get some light work done, or do you need a full-scale redesign to achieve your dream bathroom goals? Have a look at your current bathroom and list the issues you would like to fix with bathroom remodelling. Among the list of potential bathroom issues you might like to include are:

• Poor or insufficient ventilation
• Mildew and mould growth
• Aged plumbing
• Flawed layout
• Poor lighting
• Inadequate storage space
• Design or style that is not to your liking
By listing out the issues you have with your bathroom, you will be able to determine the extent of bathroom renovations you need to do to rectify said issues, allowing you to plan out a better budget and a more streamlined renovation process.

If you live in Adelaide, spend some time looking through the City Of Adelaide’s home renovation resource page, which should provide you with most of the information you need to start your renovation plans.

Time Management

Depending on the scale of your renovations and the size of the bathroom itself, your remodelling project may take anywhere between several days to a few weeks, barring any delays in the purchasing and delivery of tiles, fixtures, and other bathroom items. During this time, your bathroom will be mostly inoperable. You’ll have to find appropriate arrangements for showers and bathroom breaks during renovation, especially if your home only has one bathroom.

To save yourself the trouble from potential delays, ensure that you have the required materials and items already prepared before beginning your bathroom renovation, and hire the best home renovation experts in Adelaide to ensure the renovation process is as smooth and streamlined as possible.

Layout & Design

If possible, look for ways to improve your bathroom layout by having all the fixtures on one side of the wall or moving the shower and bath to the end of the bathroom for more space and better movement.

Be sure to consult with your contractors on how viable your layout changes are for your home, as rerouting wires and plumbing systems may take a substantial amount of time and effort.

It would help if you also spent some time thinking about the design. While it is common to have your bathroom design match the rest of your home, the choices are endless regarding how exactly you want your bathroom to look, so be sure to do the appropriate research.


Having practical lighting is essential to ensure you can accurately judge your appearance and prevent any mishaps from happening in the bath due to poor lighting conditions.

You will want to have windows or a skylight to allow natural light to enter the room, saving you quite a bit on electricity bills during the day.

As for artificial lighting, ensure you spread lighting coverage evenly throughout the bathroom. You should also refrain from having a lighting colour temperature that is too warm, as this can impact visibility and affect the colour grading through the mirror.


Proper ventilation is crucial to prevent mould and mildew from developing. Having a damp and mould-filled bathroom is not only bad for your health, but can also negatively affect any wooden trims or fixtures in the bath.

While operable windows and a skylight can help, you should also plan to install a ventilation fan for air circulation. As such, you need to spend time choosing the right fan and an appropriate location in the bathroom for wiring and installation.


Having a suitable building and renovation contractor can make all the difference during a renovation project. With a reliable contractor, you can rest assured that your bathroom renovation is a smooth and steady process while also giving you the peace of mind that your renovation project is in good hands.

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