There are many aspects of a home that are completely aesthetic and for decoration purposes only. What this means is that, when designing a home, there are going to be some parts of the design process that will not have any effect on the functionality of the room you are working on. For example, the type of flooring that you choose for your bathroom will absolutely affect the functionality of the room, but the exact colour you choose for your flooring is purely aesthetic, as it won’t affect anything other than the way the room as a whole looks. There are many aspects like this that you will come across, especially when remodelling a bathroom. A lot of people believe that mirrors are one of these aspects, but they are absolutely not. In addition to providing a good view of your face and body after a shower or bath, the right mirror can affect the entire perception of a room.

Some mirrors can make a small bathroom feel massive while other mirrors will only be useful if you are applying makeup or beauty products to your face. When you are designing a bathroom, you will want to put great care into the type of mirror that you choose for it.

What Types of Mirrors Are There?

When working on your bathroom remodelling in Adelaide, one thing that you will want to pay attention to is the type of mirror that you choose. A lot of people do not realise just how many different types of mirrors there are to choose from, and that in some cases, the wrong mirror can make all of the difference.

There are the standard mirrors that most people are familiar with. These include frameless mirrors, full-body mirrors, and shaped mirrors. As the names might suggest, frameless mirrors are mirrors that are sleek and trim in their appearance and do not come with any sort of framing on them. Full-body mirrors tend to have a simple frame on them, although these are never grand or ornate. Full-body mirrors, as expected, are designed to show off your entire body from head to toe, rather than just the bust. Finally, there are shaped mirrors. Shaped mirrors can be circular, oval, square, rectangular, or anything in between. They can have simple frames on them to set them apart from the rest of the room, or they can have very intricate frames that make up the bulk of the mirror’s design.

Other mirrors that you can look at include suspended mirrors and vanity cabinets. While you work on your bathroom renovation in Adelaide, bear in mind these mirrors can add a little bit more aesthetic value to the bathroom than a standard square mirror would. Vanity cabinets are cabinets that are mounted onto the wall, and rather than your standard cabinet door, they have a mirror in place instead. These will work well for storing makeup or other beauty products, as you can easily shift from picking up a product to seeing it on your face. Suspended mirrors are there for design. Rather than just being attached to the wall as with any other standard mirror, they are instead suspended from a single mounting point. These can also be installed if the material of your bathroom wall is one that isn’t easy to mount a full-size mirror onto.

What Are the Measurements?

Now that you know a little bit more about mirrors and what types of them there are, you can start to get a good idea of what might suit your bathroom the most. Once you have decided on a specific mirror type to use in your bathroom, you will then want to begin the process of measuring, framing, and placing the mirror into your bathroom for everyone to be able to use. You should always double and triple-check measurements so that the mirror fits perfectly in with the rest of the room. If your mirror has a frame, it should match the style of the rest of the bathroom so that everything looks congruent and complements each other.

Does It Serve Its Purpose?

Finally, you will always want to make sure that no matter how beautiful your mirror might be, it gets the job done. It should provide a clear, accurate reflection of you and there should not be any distortion at all. You may also want to consider getting special lighting installed around the mirror so that you will be able to get a well-lit view of yourself when you are cleaning up. In some situations, a split mirror may get the job done here, as that can let you see all different angles. Choosing a bathroom mirror is less about the beauty and appearance of the mirror itself, but the function that it provides.

While many people think that mirrors are just for aesthetic decoration in a bathroom, they actually provide a considerable amount of function. If you need help examining your options when choosing a bathroom mirror for your home, contact Finch Constructions today and find out what we can do for you.

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