Renovating your home can be a huge and very involving undertaking, so it is important to understand many of the steps involved in order to help you prepare for changing up your home. Below we have listed some of the most important steps in a home renovation to give you an idea of what is involved and what you will need to plan in advance.

Determine what you want to achieve

If you’re renovating your home, planning is key! This involves understanding exactly what you want changed, the time you anticipate it will take and any financial and budgeting specifications. If you are renovating your property to increase the value in your property, talking to a local real-estate agent will also prove beneficial.

Ensure the stability of your structure

If you are planning to renovate an old building, or you are making vast structural changes it is important to ensure that the building is stable and won’t collapse during or after renovations. Your construction company should be able to identify any weaknesses in the building’s foundations, props and beams, and make sure that the walls or roof are not spreading. If there is a risk of collapse, you should stabilise this or implement scaffolding before continuing with the renovation.

Get the right people

If you are not to complete your renovation yourself, you will need to hire the right team. It is important not to select a renovation specialist or team on cost estimates alone. When interviewing and selecting a contractor, it is also important to consider years of experience, qualifications and credentials, certificate of insurance and any references. Furthermore, a good team of renovation builders will take time to take you through expectations, and precisely what they will do as part of the renovation process and provide a clear schedule of costs. In many instances, it is advisable to spend extra on getting someone you’re comfortable working with and who you feel confident in getting the job done effectively.

Preparation for renovation

When undertaking a renovation, you will need to understand how renovation work will affect your living condition and lifestyle and the appropriate measures to take in light of this. If you are planning on having major kitchen installations and renovations for example, a temporary place to cook and eat may be necessary. Likewise, a renovation of a bedroom may disrupt sleeping arrangements and require alternate arrangements to be made during the renovation. A renovation of an entire house may even require alternative living arrangements for the period. These considerations are important to make to plan accordingly and minimise any disruption a renovation may have on your lifestyle.

Include time to demolish and clear

With every home renovation, there will be some demolition or clearing of space. It is important to factor this into your time frame as this can take longer than expected. A professional contractor will be able to complete this task quicker than doing it yourself as they have both the experience and the tools to do so. Another great idea to factor into your planning is a disposal service to get rid of any materials that you do not need.

Think about major structural work

Whether you are planning to extend the property, move walls, replace the roof or add windows and doors, any structural work will take time. Make sure that you factor this in, as any structural changes will need to be done properly to ensure your safety and your property’s quality over the long run. If you are considering any structural changes, you may also want to consider checking that the drainage in your home will be in working order even after the changes are put in place. Some older drainage systems may additionally need to be replaced to meet the requirements of any new plans. A structural expert or good renovation company will be able to suitably advise on this to allow you to know the structural considerations and repercussions of your renovation.

Planning a major home renovation is a big choice that comes with a lot of risks, even though it will be well worth it in the end. With more than 40 years of experience working home renovations in Adelaide, Finch Constructions takes pride in working closely with you to produce renovation results that exceed expectations. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you.

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